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Everyone experiences life on different wavelengths and each individual has unique challenges to face. As a fully certified neuro life coach, with specialty in anxiety, stress and mindfulness, I’m here to help you find yourself and realise your full potential. If you’re feeling lost or confused, stressed or anxious, learn how you can move forward in a mindful and compassionate manner. 

Coaching is a process that helps you achieve all that you want in a tangible manner, where you can truly progress. Contrasting from therapy which mainly deals with looking at and analysing the past, the aim of coaching is to look at the future and further cultivate the resources that already exist in you, therefore enabling self-confidence, ability to gain insight, motivation and commitment.

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Reasons to Seek Anxiety Coaching

Persistent worry about everyday life

Regular functionings are compromised 

Constant feeling of restlessness

Inexplicable feeling of impeding doom

Trouble concentrating on tasks

Physical health is affected

What is included in our sessions

Who Am I?

Integrating neuroscience with anxiety coaching

I'm Prachi Kansara, a fully-certified coach from Auroville, India. I’ve been successfully coaching individuals and facilitating their self-growth by enabling them to look within for answers. I have specialised in treating anxiety, stress and I introduce mindfulness with the help of neuroscience. Through our sessions, you will be able to inculcate the necessary disciplines and be empowered to become the person you want to be. 

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?


What others are saying

I had 4 sessions with Prachi and it was great. She listens carefully and asks the right questions which led me to understand myself better and find solutions to my issues. She helped me find practical solutions and ensured that I'm accountable.

Sharon J

Schedule a discovery session

A short conversation on the areas you would like to work on as well as answer any queries you may have about coaching

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