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Types of Coaching

One-size can't fit all

Everyone has different objectives and goals they want to accomplish and one single type can't fulfil everyone's unique needs. It is keeping this in mind that there are different coaching services. Collaborating with me will allow you to zoom in on areas you want to work on in an efficient and productive way.

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1 / Holistic Life Coaching

Reach your goals by focusing on the whole person approach, not just your individual parts, so you can live more intentionally and mindfully. This is an approach based on mindfulness that seeks to remove the obstacles that are hindering your growth. Allow yourself to move away from your past, negativity and bad habits towards empowerment, motivation, and self-realisation.

2 / Anxiety & Stress Coaching

Uncover the underlying reasons for your anxiety and identify any limiting beliefs that are affecting your self-esteem. This is a neuroscience-based method to help you identify the root of your anxiety and overcome your self-judgement and negative-thinking (& overthinking) so you can discover ways to change that narrative, build confidence and recognise your true self-worth.

3 / Happiness Coaching

Understand what contributes to your true happiness and eradicate negative and cyclical patterns that interfere with your desire to be happy and positive. A neuroscience-based approach to help you increase your positive emotions in a healthy way and quieten your inner critic that stands in the way of your true happiness. 

4 / Relationship Coaching

Identify the hurdles not only in your personal relationships, as well as the one you share with yourself. Based on techniques in mindfulness, develop conflict resolution and communication skills, become an attentive listener and speak empathetically, so you and your partner can be more open, loved, seen, supported and shift to dynamic, present relating.

5 / Career Coaching

Gain clarity on factors preventing career success and make informed decisions about your career development and trajectory. A hands-on approach to help you utilise your existing skills, re-balance professional and personal life, meet your goals and choose the right role aligned with your passions and skills so you become powerful, insightful, successful and confident.    

6 / Health & Wellness Coaching

Get to the root of unhealthy habits, stress and negative emotions. A holistic approach backed by neuroscience, to improve your health and vitality. Find motivation to create sustainable, positive, behavioural as well as lifestyle changes and observe an increase in your physical and emotional energy levels. 

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